Fees & Rebates


This is a private billing clinic.   Fees reflect our level of qualifications, specialised training and experience.

For up-to-date information on current fees, please submit an enquiry here.

While fees at this practice have been set below the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), this practice does not bulk-bill.   Therefore, even after claiming Medicare rebates, an out-of-pocket cost applies to all appointments.

Partial Rebates from Medicare

The majority of clients are eligible for up to 10 partially subsidised sessions per calendar year (i.e., 1st Jan to 31st Dec), under the Better Access scheme.  Helena is able to offer the highest level of Medicare rebate which is currently $124.50 per session, for these 10 sessions.  Further information on the Better Access scheme is available here.

Clients who have a chronic health condition (i.e., an eating disorder), may be eligible for a further 5 subsidised Psychology sessions under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP), provided that they have not already exceeded the number of allied health services used for the calendar year.  Further information on eligibility for a CDMP is available here.

For your convenience, once payment has been received, we can submit claims to Medicare on your behalf.  Medicare rebates will then be paid directly back in your nominated account.

Partial Rebates from Private Health Insurance 

Clients with Private Health insurance may be able to claim a partial rebate for clinical psychology services, depending on their level of cover.   No referral is required if you choose to use private health insurance.

100% Privately Funded Sessions

A third option is for clients to pay for sessions in full, privately.  No referral is required, and you can attend an unlimited number of sessions.

Many clients, especially those with complex or longstanding difficulties, will require more than 10 sessions.  Therefore, we recommend that clients plan, and budget for this, from the outset.