Fees & Rebates


This is a private billing clinic.

Please note this practice does not bulk-bill.

Sessions need to be paid in full by the client or a parent, on the day of the appointment.

If you are eligible for medicare rebates, and provide relevant medicare details, we can submit claims to Medicare for you.  This means that medicare rebates will go directly back into your linked bank account.  Note that medicare do not rebate the full cost of the session.   All out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare-subsidised services count toward the Medicare Safety Net 

Partial Rebates from Medicare under Better Access

The majority of clients are eligible for up to 10 partially medicare subsidised sessions per calendar year (i.e., 1st Jan to 31st Dec), under the Better Access scheme.  Helena is able to offer the highest level of Medicare rebate which is currently a minimum of $130 per session, for these 10 sessions.  A fact sheet on the Better Access scheme is available here.

Please note that current research indicates that the majority of people with mild to moderate psychological difficulties will require at least 20 sessions of psychological treatment.   Therefore, we recommend that clients plan, and budget for this, from the outset.

Partial Rebates from Medicare under an Eating Disorders Plan 

From 1 November 2019 patients who are assessed as meeting relevant eligibility criteria for an Eating Disorders Plan (EDP) can access up to 40 medicare subsidised clinical psychology sessions within a 12 month period.  Progress is reviewed after each set of 10 sessions.  Helena is able to offer the highest level of Medicare rebate which is currently a minimum of $130 per session.  Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net, out-of-pocket costs associated with medicare-subsidised Eating Disorder Psychological Treatment Services (EDPT) reduce even further.  Click here for a summary of how to access clinical psychology services under an Eating Disorders Plan (EDP).

Partial Rebates from Medicare under a Chronic Disease Management Plan

Clients who have a chronic health condition may be eligible for up to 5 medicare-subsidised Psychology sessions under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP), provided that they have not already exceeded the number of allied health services used for the calendar year.  Further information on eligibility for a CDMP is available here.

Partial Rebates from Private Health Insurance 

Clients with Private Health insurance may be able to claim a partial rebate for clinical psychology services, depending on their level of cover.   No referral is required if you choose to use private health insurance.

100% Privately Funded Sessions

Another option is for clients to pay for sessions in full, privately.  No referral is required, and you can attend an unlimited number of sessions.